Description of Meson in less than twenty words

Meson aims to be a cross-platform build system that is both highly performant and a pleasure to use.

Slightly longer video presentation

This presentation from LCA 2015 gives a good overview of the features and design goals of Meson.

Supported platforms

  • Linux and other posix-compliant platforms
  • OSX XCode
  • Windows with Visual Studio and MinGW

Download Meson

Releases of the Meson build system can be downloaded from this page.

Developers might be interested in downloading the newest code from Meson's git repository.

User Documentation

Meson's documentation including a user manual can be found in the wiki.

Mailing list

A general mailing list for all discussion topics about Meson can be found here.

Code samples

A good way of learning to use Meson is to look at code samples. The unit test suite contains a simple example of every feature of Meson. These code samples can be viewed in the code repository.